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Pepper Mykonos

Since 2013

At Pepper souvlaki and more the quality of the plates we present we present plays a very important role in order to achieve the most delicious results for your own pleasure!

As for the greek souvlaki ,things are simple! The recipe is well-known even from the ancient times. There is a characteristic reference in the 3rd century AD Greek work ‘’Deipnosophistae’’ where the souvlaki was mentioned as ‘’kandavlos’’ . This was the first souvlaki in history!

Since then the souvlaki has undergone many variations and consequently holds many different names in different parts of Greece.

Our foreign friends and visitors can ask us and we will be delighted to answer all their questions about it!

The only thing you have to do is a Pepper try….

We at Pepper choose to follow one unique and important fact: A properly grilled souvlaki wrapped in a fresh pita bread accompanied by delicious and fresh local ingredients compose perhaps the most tasteful and the same time healthy meal.

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